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Why it is really not necessary to lubricate day cream

Many people use day cream on the face. But how good is that for the skin? And what can you pay attention to when purchasing? asks Marjolein Leenarts, medical specialist skin diseases and working in the Red Cross Hospital / Burns Center Beverwijk, and Kees-Peter de Roos, dermatologist and publicist of the book Skin & hair.

How good is cream for the face?
Leenarts: "That depends on what you lubricate and why, but it is really unhealthy to apply cream on your face.If you buy cosmetics in the Netherlands, you can assume that it is not bad for your health. There are disadvantages in Europe: 27 percent of adults develop contact allergies, which is common in cosmetics, in which perfume is often the culprit, so that you can become allergic to the day cream from one day to the next. you've been using it without problems for years, and once you're allergic to a certain ingredient, you'll never get away from it. "

De Roos: "We are advised - especially women - to use day and night creams to nourish the skin, but with healthy skin that is not really necessary, because it already produces enough fat (sebum) around the skin.

I think the only positive side effect of all that lubrication is that the skin is massaged, but that is not proven yet. " When does it make sense to apply cream every day? And when not?
Leenarts: "For people who think it is important to prevent skin aging, daily sun protection is a must, SPF is the best anti-aging, and for people with dry skin it is also important to give the skin a hand by to lubricate with a cream, especially in the winter, because the skin in the face then suffers from the cold, wind and rain. "

De Roos: "For people with eczema, it is good to regularly grease the face and the rest of the body, so I advise to lubricate petroleum jelly paraffin before bed time.A supplementary fat cream for the day is also a good idea If you have very oily skin, extra smearing can close the skin, which can cause acne, but honestly, this is rare. "

What kind of cream can you use best if you still want to spread every day? What can you pay attention to when purchasing?

Leenarts: "Choose a day cream with SPF and smear your face several times a day with this day or sun cream." Apart from keeping your skin young, there is also the skin cancer issue. "Most forms of skin cancer are sun-related and occur in the face, sun protection can largely prevent this. "

De Roos: "A cheap, greasy cream from a well-known brand often works just as well as the most expensive product - producers promise everything, but most added substances do not work at all - retinol, or vitamin A, has been shown to reduce wrinkles, but in most creams there is too little concentration to be effective. "

What do you advise?

Leenarts: "I would always opt for products without perfume and with as few allergens as possible, and it would be a real nonsense to pay tens of euros for a day cream, and pay attention to marketing claims such as" natural "and" dermatologically tested ". that a product is better. "

De Roos: "Fewer showers, I see patients who have skin problems due to too much showering and washing almost every day, and maybe I see someone drinking too little once every five years, too much showering is bad for the skin, because soap and hot, often hot, shower water degreases the skin, so do not try to walk under the shower every day and turn the tap a bit colder. "

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